PC Doctor January 8, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

I have a Windows 7 computer.  Everyone in my family has their own account and password on the computer, but we all show the same picture on the icon.  Can I change them so that each picture is different?  Can I make them be pictures of each of us? 




Dear Steve:

Yes, you can!

To change the pictures for your user accounts, follow these steps:  First, make sure you are logged in with the account that has Administrator privileges.  Then, open your Control Panel and choose “User Accounts.”  A window will open with two columns of choices on your left and the image associated with the account on your right.  In the middle column, midway down, choose “Change the picture.”  You can choose one of the stock pictures or click “Browse for more pictures.”  If you click “Browse for more pictures,” you will be directed to the places where you have photos stored on your computer.  Click on the picture you want and choose “Change Picture.”  To do the same with another user, look in that same column and choose “Manage another account.”  For each user, you’ll go through the same process.

Until next time, Happy computing!

       PC Doctor