Meet Your Legislators!

Friday, March 16 @ 7:30 a.m.

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On Friday, March 16 at 7:30 am, the Athol Public Library will be hosting a legislative breakfast. What is a legislative breakfast? That is when state legislators meet with librarians, trustees, members of the Friends of the Library, and the public, to hear about the importance of libraries, library service, and library programs to our community.

Refreshments will begin at 7:30. The program of speakers will begin at 8:00. Currently scheduled speakers include Library Director Jean Shaughnessy, Senator Anne Gobi, Representative Susannah Whipps, Town Manager Shaun Suhoski, Executive Director C/W MARS Tim Spindler, Executive Director MA Library System Greg Pronevitz, Diane Kane, and Helen Franchi.

This year’s theme is “Free, equal and open to all”—Massachusetts libraries were first in the world to offer residents this kind of access and our public libraries are still the only place that levels the playing field for all ages, backgrounds, education level or ability. Through our heavily used statewide resource sharing system, every resident has equal access to resources that can transform their lives, no matter what street they live on.

State funding to support Massachusetts libraries is lower than it was in 1998. (That’s 20 years ago! Does anything cost less than it did 20 years ago?) Libraries manage to offer more services now than then, including e-books, downloadable audio and magazines, wireless internet, computer tutoring, and more. It is growing more and more difficult to give patrons the tools they need and deserve with ever-shrinking financial resources. Patrons are encouraged to connect with their legislators and let them know all the ways that libraries are important to their daily lives.

Free and Open to the Public.

Please call 978-249-9515 to register so we will have enough food.