PC Doctor August 30, 2013

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Dear PC Doc,

Do you have any tips on how to create a group email address on a Mac (OS X version 10.4.11)? At present, I am entering each recipient's address separated by a comma, which is tedious. I have tried to save the string of addresses as a single address in my address book but it won't accept it.

The email "help" directions are not very helpful. What am I doing wrong?

     Thank you, Deb


Dear Deb:

To create a group in your Mac OS X Mail address book for easily mailing a list of people:

· Open the Mac OS X Address Book.

· Press the + button underneath the Group column.

· Type the desired name of your new mailing list (for example ‘Book Group’).

· Press Enter.

To add members to your Mac OS X mail group:

You can add new members to your OS X Mail mailing list by drawing from existing contacts or by adding to a group specifically.

To add people already in your address book to a group:

· Open the Mac OS X Address Book.

· Highlight All in the Group column.

· Drag and drop the desired contacts to the group in the Group column.

o If more than one email address is listed, Mac OS X Mail will use the most recently used address when you send a message to the list.

To add a contact to an OS X Address Book group:

· Open the Mac OS X Address Book.

· Highlight the desired group in the Group column.

· Click the + sign underneath the Name column.

· Enter all desired contact details.

o Make sure you think of adding at least one email address.

o The contact will also show up under the All group automatically.

When you are ready to e-mail the whole group, type the name of the group on the To line. All of the addresses you put into the group will automatically be added to recipients of the message. I hope this helps!

Until next time… Happy Computing!

          PC Doctor