PC Doctor March 13, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:
    I am in school and we get assigned a lot of group projects.  We have to share files and do different things with them.  Sometimes, another student will send me the file in a format I can’t use, like, a PDF when I need a JPG to upload online.  I could e-mail them back and ask for them to send it in the format I need – but that takes time.  Is there an easy way I can change the file myself and not bother the other person?  (I don’t have money to buy a conversion program.)
     Thanks, Emma
Hi, Emma:
    There are at least two really easy PDF to JPG conversion methods that are immediately available to you at no cost.  
     If you are in a place with decent internet access, you can use a web-based service called “Cloud Converter.”  Go to this website:  https://cloudconvert.com/jpg-to-pdf.  Step 1 is to select your file and upload it.  You will see a box labeled “select files.”  Click on that.  This will show you your desktop and you can choose the file you want to upload.  Click “Open.”  Step 2 is to select the output format.  If you want a jpg, choose “image” from the pull-down menu, and then “jpg.”  On the right, you’ll see a red button that reads “Start Conversion.”  Click that.  The file will upload and the conversion process will start.  You will be able to see a progress bar, which will turn green when your file has been changed to a jpg.  Once it’s ready, you will get a “Download” button.  Download your file!  It is a pretty quick process.
     If you don’t have good internet but you have a printer, print a copy of your PDF file.  Bring it to the Athol Public Library with your flash drive.  Ask to use the library’s photocopier.  When you plug your flash drive in to the photocopier, you will get the option to “Scan and Store.”  The copier will scan your paper copy and store it on your flash drive as a jpg.  Anyone on staff will be happy to walk you through the steps.
Until next time… Happy Computing!
      PC Doctor