PC Doctor May 8, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:
          I have an Android phone.  I have an iTunes account in the cloud.  I don’t have a computer of my own.  How do I get my iTunes music library onto my Android phone?  I especially want to do this for free and without using a computer.
          Thanks, Vernon
Dear Vernon:
            So, I don’t have great news for you.  I looked at iTunes and Android official sites, and here’s the scoop:  iTunes is designed for use on devices running Mac OSX and iOS-based Apple devices.  There is a version for Microsoft Windows, as well.  Everything I’ve read indicates that there is not a simple iTunes version for Android.  iTunes cannot be installed on Android devices.  There are articles and rumors that iTunes is coming soon for Android, but it just hasn’t happened yet.
            All is not lost, however.  There are some programs you can use to move your iTunes content onto your Android phone.  MobileGo for Android is one.  Unfortunately, you have to purchase it.  (It is not free.)  There are also programs you can use to convert files from iTunes to a format your Android can use.  iTunes to Android Converter is one.  It is free, but you do need to install it to a computer and then transfer files into it from iTunes and out of it to your phone (connected to the computer with a USB cable). 
            So, it looks like the best recommendation for now is to get a computer which you can use for downloading one of these products that will enable you to transfer your iTunes library to your Android phone. 
   Until next time … Happy computing!
           PC Doctor