PC Doctor May 22, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:

          There are all kinds of things on my computer that I never use.  Some of them I don’t touch because I figure I probably don’t need them – others, I don’t dare because I’m just afraid I’ll break something!  There’s one called the Catalyst Control Center.  What’s that?  

           Thanks, Martin

Dear Martin:

            I looked at the Help menu for the program and the manufacturer’s website.  Here’s what I gleaned:

         The Catalyst Control Center is software.  Its purpose is to give you some control over and allow customization of your computer’s graphics performance, including displays, 3D, video, and more.  Gamers make use of this application to run at higher resolutions and to view multiple screens at once.  Typically, casual computer users probably won’t use this.

           You can get a lot more information about the Catalyst Control Center by going to your computer’s list of programs, opening the Catalyst Control Center folder, and choosing Help.
Until next time… Happy Computing!

          PC Doctor