PC Doctor July 17, 2015

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Dear PC Doc:
            I am having trouble with the sound on my PC.  If I receive an e-mail from someone with a video on it or a sound bite, I can hear it just fine.  However, if I go on YouTube or some other site, I cannot hear sound from the video.  How can I enable my computer to allow me to hear the sound?
            Thanks, Grammy M
Dear Grammy M:
           There are many places where your computer’s sound could be muted; here are a few things to check.
            First, on your computer’s keyboard, across the top, you will see three buttons: a speaker with a minus sign; a speaker with a plus sign; a speaker with a circle with a line through it (like the ‘no smoking’ symbol).  Hit that third one and see what your screen shows you.  You should see a speaker symbol in the center of your screen that will show you all sound off or sound on.  Hit it so that sound on shows, and then you can adjust the volume with the speaker-plus-sign button.
            Next, check your control panel.  Choose ‘Sounds’ and make sure your speakers are active.  You can also look at the bottom right of your desktop screen.  Look for that same speaker symbol.  If you see the red circle with a slash through it, click on it.  This is your mixer.  You can turn the sound on here and also increase the volume by moving the slider up.
            If these have not solved your problem, open the browser you usually use for viewing videos.  Visit the sites at which you want to be able to hear the sound.  Choose a video.  At the bottom of the video’s screen, there’s another speaker symbol.  Make sure the sound is on there, and not muted.  If it’s muted, you’ll see an ‘x’ next to the picture of the speaker.  Click it to unmute   I hope this solves the problem!
Until next time… Happy Computing!
           PC Doctor