PC Doctor July 24, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:
           A friend gave me her deceased mother’s iPad.  It has some family photos on it.  How can I take the photos off the iPad and save them for her?  She doesn’t know they are there, but I don’t think I should delete them.  The iPad doesn’t have a place to put in a flash drive.  I have a windows 7 pc.
          Thanks, Donna
Dear Donna:
          Using the cable that came with the iPad, connect the iPad to a computer.  Your computer should recognize that a new device is present, and it will prompt you to look at the folders on the iPad.  One will be called “Internal Storage.”  Double click to open it.  Inside will be a folder called “DCIM.”  Everything in that folder is a photo.  You will be able to copy any of the photos that you want to give to your friend into a folder on your computer.  Whether you can transfer them to a flash drive will depend on how many photos you end up transferring and how much space they take up.  Once you know how much storage you need, you will know what size flash drive to buy to hold the photos.
            To create the folder on your computer, right click anywhere on your desktop and choose “New” and then “Folder.”  You can give it any name you like by clicking inside the label box that reads “New Folder.”
            Open each folder inside the DCIM folder.  Click on the photos and drag each one to the folder you created on your desktop.  If there are many and you are sure you want to transfer them all, click on the first one, hold down the shift key, and click on the last one.  You will be able to move all of them to the folder at the same time.  Once you know they are in the folder, you can delete them from the iPad folder. 
            I’m guessing that you don’t have a manual for the iPad, and there are probably other things you’d like to know about it.  Look on the back of the outside case of the iPad.  If you look closely, you will see the model number in very tiny writing.  Then, you can look for the manual on the Apple support site.
Until next time … Happy Computing!
           PC Doctor