PC Doctor July 31, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:
            I learned something cool that I thought your readers might find handy; will you share?
            There are keyboard commands to type fractions and symbols so that they look normal in the body of your text.  For example:  ½ instead of 1/2.  Here is a list:
            Using the number pad on the right hand side of your keyboard (this is very important – you cannot use the numbers over the alphabet keys, you must use the keypad), hold down the alt key and type 0189 to get ½. 
Alt 0188 for ¼
Alt 0190 for ¾
Alt 0169 for ©
Alt 0174 for ®
Alt 0153 for ™
Alt 0176 for °
Alt 0133 for …
Alt 0162 for ¢
Alt 0134 for †
Alt 0137 for ‰
Alt 0139 for ‹
Alt 0155 for ›
            Signed, Delighted
Dear Delighted:
            Thank you!  These are very handy.
Until next time … Happy Computing
             PC Doctor