PC Doctor August 21, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:
          I watch movies (DVDs) on my computer.  Yesterday, I watched one and I can’t get it to come out.  The DVD drive has a little button on the side that I usually push to get it to open.  It’s not working.  Is there another way?  I have an HP laptop.
          Thanks, Scott
Dear Scott:
           Here is another method of getting your DVD out of the DVD drive on your computer.  Click on your Start menu, then click “Computer.”  This should bring up a window that shows your hard drive, anything you have plugged into the computer (like a flash drive) and your DVD/CD drive.  Right-click on your DVD drive and choose “Eject.”  Your disk drive should open right up, and you’ll be able to take the DVD out.
Until next time.. Happy Computing!
         PC Doctor