PC Doctor November 20, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:

I’m writing you again about my Excel mailing list spreadsheet:  New people are always becoming members of our group and I have to add them to the list.  I usually figure out where their names fit alphabetically, add a row, and type them in that way.  Someone told me they though I ought to be able to just type all new group members’ information in the next lines at the bottom, and then make the program alphabetize them for me.  Can I do this?  How?




Dear Anna:

Yes.  This is one of the nice features of Excel.  To get you entries alphabetized after you’ve added new ones, follow these steps:

Open your Excel file.  Highlight the column you want alphabetized by clicking in the column header.  The column should become shaded a different color.  Over on the right of your screen, choose “Sort and Filter.”  From the drop down menu, choose “Sort A to Z.”  A “Sort Warning” dialog box will open.  Choose to “Expand the Selection” which will keep all the data in the rows together.  Click “Sort.”  Your table will now be sorted, A to Z!

Until next time, Happy Computing.

       PC Doctor