New Children’s Materials December 4, 2015

Latest materials for children at the Athol Public Library!

The following new materials are available for check out from the Children’s Room at the Athol Public Library:


Abbott, Judi - Train!

Asch, Frank - I Can Roar!

Bissonette, Aimee - North Woods Girl

Boynton, Sandra - Spooky Pookie

Brown, Monica - Maya’s Blanket/LaMenta de Maya

Bryant, Jen - The Right Word: Roget and His Thesaurus

Cruschiform - Full Speed Ahead! How Fast Things Go

Gleiner, Kelli - A Day With Monster

Coat, Janik - Rhymoceros

Heder, Thyra - The Bear Report

Hopkins, Lee - Lullaby Kisses Sweet

Jordan, Apple - Inside Out: Welcome to Headquarters

Lagonegro, Melissa - Inside Out: Journey into the Mind

Katz, Karen - A Potty For Me

Katz, Karen - Splish Splash Baby!

Katz, Karen - Where is Baby’s Belly Button

Katz, Karen - Wiggle Your Toes

Kennedy, Anne - Ragweed’s Farm Dog Handbook

Komiya, Teruyuk - Life-Size Farm

Lambert, Megan - A Crow of His Own

Lee, JiHyeon - Pool

Lester, Alison - Noni the Pony Goes to the Beach

McPhail, David - I Get Dressed

Moreau, Laurent - My Wild Family

Musgrave, Susan - More Blueberries!

Nordqvist, Sven - The Fox Chase

Pinkney, Brian - On The Ball: Unleash Your Imagination

Rosen, Michael - A Great Big Cuddle: Poems for the Very Young

Rosenberg, Liz - What James Said

Schindel, John - The Babies and Doggies Book

Shea, Bob - Unicorn Thinks He’s Great

Simon, Richard - Oskar and the Eight Blessings

Sisson, Stephanie - Star Stuff

Surovec, Yasmine - I See Kitty

Van Fleet, Matthew - Color Dog

Wahl, Phoebe - Sonya’s Chickens


Aguirre, Jorge - Dragons Beware

Aguirre, Jorge - Giants Beware

Hatke, Ben - The Return of Zita the Spacegirl

Holm, Jennifer - Babymouse

Holm, Jennifer - Babymouse: Beach Babe

Holm, Jennifer - Camp Babymouse

Holm, Jennifer - Babymouse: Dragonslayer

Holm, Jennifer - Babymouse: Heartbreaker

Holm, Jennifer - Babymouse: Monster Mash

Holm, Jennifer - Babymouse: The Musical

Holm, Jennifer - Babymouse: Our Hero

Holm, Jennifer - Babymouse: Puppy Love

Holm, Jennifer - Babymouse: Rock Star

Holm, Jennifer - Babymouse: Skater Girl

Hope, Larson - A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel

McCoola, Marika - Baba Yaga’s Assistant

Nytra, David - The Secret of the Stone Frog

Riordon, Rick - The Lightning Thief

Riordon, Rick - The Titans Curse

Rirodon, Rick - The Sea of Monsters



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