PC Doctor December 11, 2015

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Dear PC Doctor:

I have an old iPad that I do not want.  It’s first generation, and doesn’t have any of the cool features of the newer ones.  I thought I might donate it somewhere.  First, though, I want to be sure none of my personal stuff is on it.  Can I wipe it all clean?



Dear Jan:

Yes.  To restore your old iPad to a ‘new’ state, you will delete all of your data and content from your device, including songs, videos, contacts, photos, and calendar info.  You can also erase all content and settings to restore it to factory settings.

Turn on your iPad.  Choose the Settings icon.  Click the General button.  At the very bottom, choose Reset.  Choose Reset All Settings.  You will be prompted to confirm this choice.  Your iPad will restart itself.  This may take a moment.  Go to Settings again.  This time, choose Erase All Content and Settings.  Again, you will be asked twice if you really want to reset your iPad.  Go ahead and reset.  Your iPad will restart again.  Your iPad will prompt you to connect to iTunes.  Open iTunes on your computer.  On the left side of the screen, choose Summary.  Then, choose Restore iPad.  Follow the onscreen prompts.  Your iPad will download software updates.  You will know when the process is complete when you see a welcome screen.  All of your personal information and settings should now be removed from the iPad and you can donate it where you wish!

Until next time,

Happy Computing!

      PC Doctor