PC Doctor January 22, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

I’m on the road a lot – I use my cell phone to keep in touch with clients.  Back when I had a fixed office, I sometimes had conference calls.  Lately, I’ve had times when being able to talk with two people together would have been handy; can cell phones make conference calls?  If it matters, I have an iPhone.



Dear Lisa:

A iPhone can make a call to more than one phone at a time.  To do this, you add one participant and then add the second.  The detailed directions that follow are for the iPhone 6.

Press Home.  Tap the Phone icon.  Tap Contacts.  Tap the contact you want to invite to the call first.  Tap call to call this person.  Once your phone has established this call, Tap add call, which looks like a plus sign (+).  Your contact screen should pop up.  Tap the contact who you want to add to the conversation.  Tap Call.  (The first person you called will be placed on hold.)  Tap Merge Calls.  Merge calls looks like a sign with two paths joining together in a single arrow.  Both contacts’ names should now show on your screen, near the top.  Now, you can talk with both people at once!

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Happy computing!

        PC Doctor