New Teen Take Home Kits Available!

New take home kits, craft tutorials, and book bundles for teens!

Introducing two brand new teen take home kits!

Be fashionable and earth friendly with your own paper bead jewelry made out of recycled paper. We’ve packaged up instructions, old magazines, paint brushes, string, filler beads, glue sticks, and more. All you’ll need from home to complete your project is a pencil and pair of scissors (and modge podge or watered down white glue if you’d like your beads to be shiny)!

Looking to keep your mind busy? Request one of our ‘Brain Games’ kits. Keep your mind sharp by challenging yourself with over sixteen different puzzles including crosswords, word searches, mazes, sudoku and more.

We also have favorites like shrinky dinks, origami, hemp bracelets, paint by stickers, and more still available. We’ll gather your kits up with treats and surprises before we send them home through curbside pickup.

Request your own by filling out this form:

Looking for even more crafts to do at home? Head over to our YouTube channel for tutorials and more. Check out our latest video to learn how to make your own origami crown.

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You can also request your own teen book bundle. Every bundle comes with three YA library books, treats, and special surprises. We wrap everything up in a reusable book bag and send it home through curbside pick-up! Return the library books when you are done and keep everything else.

With brand new themes and surprises available, it is a great time to request one:

Kits and bundles are available for all teens entering grades 6-12. Looking for more information? Give us a call at 978-249-9515 or send an email to