Summer Readers! Prize Drawings Happening Soon!

Be sure to use all your raffle tickets.

Dear Summer Readers -

It seems impossible, but summer reading ends tomorrow, Friday! It's been a whirlwind summer and a fun 8 weeks. You've all impressed us with the depth, variety, and volume of your reading and you have earned many, many badges and raffle tickets.
Now, we want you to win prizes! To win, you must enter your raffle tickets into drawings. Here's how:
Visit on your desktop and go to the "Ticket Drawings" tab or follow these steps in the beanstack app:
Open the app. Most of you will already be logged in when you do this. If you aren't, please log in.
At the bottom of your Home screen, tap Discover.


From the Discover screen, tap View Challenge.

In your reading challenge, tap Drawings.IMG1115

On the next screen, you will see how many tickets you have earned and the prizes you have a chance to win. Tap any of the prizes.


Each prize screen has a green Add Tickets button. Spread out your tickets among the many prizes or put a whole bunch of tickets into the drawing for the prize you want the most. It's up to you!

We'll be drawing the winners soon - Enter your tickets before the Ends on date, which you can see at the top of each drawing screen.

Good luck and happy reading!