New Children’s Materials: April 8, 2016

Latest materials for children at the Athol Public Library!

New items in the Children’s Room April 8, 2016:



Bogart, JoEllen - The White Cat and the Monk

Campbell, Keith - Dylan the Villain

Carle, Eric - The Mixed-Up Chameleon

Dyckman, Ame - Horrible Hair!

Fan, Terry and Eric - The Night Gardener

Farley, Robin - Adventures of Mia

Greenwood, Marie - My First Trucks and Diggers: Let’s Get Driving!

Kann, Victoria - Goldilicious

Krauss, Ruth - The Carrot Seed

Katz, Karen - Roar, Roar, Baby!

Manceau, Edouard - Tickle Monster

Martin, Bill Jr. - Listen To Our World

Merino, Gemma - The Cow Who Climbed a Tree

National Wildlife - My First Book Of Wild Animals

Rubin, Adam - Dragons Love Tacos

Sneve, Virginia - The Christmas Coat

Thomson, Bill - The Typewriter

VanCamp, Richard - Little You

Velasqsuez, Eric - Looking For Bongo



Brown, Peter - The Wild Robot

Clary, Julia - The Bolds

Connolly, MaryKate - Ravenous

Cummings, Troy - The Notebook of Doom: Rumble of the Roller Coaster Ghost

Davies, Nicola - Mantee Rescue

Hunt, Elizabeth - Secret Agent Jack Stalwart: The Puzzle of the Missing Panda

Pennypacker, Sara - Waylon! One Awesome Thing

Russsell, Rachel - Dork Diaries: Tales From a Not-So-Perfect Pet Sitter

Tarshis, Lauren - I Survived: The Hindenburg Disaster, 1937

Tarshis, Lauren - I Survived: The Great Chicago Fire, 1871

Tarshis, Lauren - I Survived: The Joplin Tornado, 2011

Vernon, Ursula - Hamster Princess 2: Of Mice and Magic

Williams-Garcia, Rita - P.S. Be Eleven

Winslow, Marjorie - Mud Pies and Other Recipes: A Cookbook for Dolls

Zemke, Deborah - My Life in Pictures



Brown, Jeffrey - Darth Vader and Friends

Brown, Jeffrey - Darth Vader and Son

Brown, Jeffrey - Goodnight Darth Vader

Brown, Jeffrey - Vader’s Little Princess

Bucks, James - Bird and Squirrel: On the Edge

Jamieson, Victoria - The Great Pet Escape

Smiley, Jess - Upside Down: A Vampire Tale

Spires, Ashley - Fluffy Strikes Back



Guinness World Records 2016

Appleby, Alex - I See a Chipmunk

Arnold, Tedd - Fly Guy Presents: Firefighters

Arnold, Tedd - Fly Guy Presents: Sharks

Arnold, Tedd - Fly Guy Presents: Space

Chin, Jason - Gravity

Dennis, Yvonne - A Kid’s Guide to Native American History

Drummond, Allan - Green City

Drez, Ronald - Remember D-Day: The Plan, The Invasion, Survivor Stories

Ganeri, Anita - Goldie’s Guide to Caring For Your Goldfish

Ganeri, Anita - Kitty’s Guide to Caring For Your Cat

Gibbons, Gail - The Milk Makers

Goldish, Meish - Siberian Tiger: The World’s Biggest Cat

Hidalgo, Pablo - Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia

London, Jonathan - Otters Love to Play

Marsico, Katie - Giant Trucks

Meeker, Clare - Rhino Rescue

National Geographic - Weird But True! Gross

Osborne, Mary - China: Land of the Emperor’s Great Wall

Osborne, Mary - Sharks and Other Predators

Osborne, Mary - Vikings

Rogers, Amy - What Do Firefighters Do?

Spears, James - Everything Pets

Raczka, Bob - Wet Cement: A Mix of Concrete Poems

Vogel, Julia - Tigers: Built For The Hunt

Wilsdon, Christina - Ultimate Body Pedia: An Amazing Inside-Out Tour of the Human Body



McDonough, Yona - Who Was John F. Kennedy?

Smith, Corinne - Henry David Thoreau For Kids

Winter, Jonah - Frida



Funke, Cornelia - The Pirate Pig and Ruffleclaw



Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack



Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales

Lego Justice League: Cosmic Clash Original Movie

Open Season: Scared Silly

The Peanuts Movie



Open Season: Scared Silly