PC Doctor April 15, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

I’m looking for a job and I created an account with Linked In.  I haven’t been contacted by any of the jobs I applied for yet – but I’m curious if they’ve looked at my Linked In profile.  Is it possible for me to tell if anyone’s looked?




Dear Penny:

Linked In has a feature that enables you to see who has looked at your profile.  It doesn’t save the data forever, but will keep a record of views within the last 90 days.  To view this, log in to your Linked in account.  Look at the top of your home page and click where it says “Profile.”  (It’s on the top left.)  Choose “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.”  Look at your profile photo; next to it, you’ll see a little number next to “X people viewed your profile.”  Click the number.  (You won’t see a number if your profile hasn’t had any views in the last 90 days.)  If the people who viewed your profile have not set their settings to ‘private,’ you should be able to see their names, the companies where they work, and whether they are also Linked In members.

Good luck with your job search.

And, happy computing!

     PC Doctor