New Materials April 22, 2016

Latest materials at the Athol Library!


APRIL 22, 2016


Baker, Mishell – Borderline

Barrett, Shirley – Rush Oh!

Barton, Fiona – The Widow

Berry, Steve – The 14th Colony

Beverly, Bill – Dodgers

Brooks, Kim – The Houseguest

Carr, Robyn – What We Find

Cheney, J. Kathleen – Dreaming Death

Clark, Mary Higgins – As Time Goes By

Cloukey, Dorothy – Emily

Donlea, Charlie – Summer Lake

Donovan, Kemper – The Decent Proposal

Faye, Lyndsay – Jane Steele

Feldman, Ellen – Terrible Virtue

French, Nicci – Thursday’s Children

Geni, Abby – The Lightkeepers

Goodnight, Linda – The Rain Sparrow

Grissom, Kathleen – Glory over Everything

Hoover, Michelle – Bottomland

Howells, Debbie – The Bones of You

Hulse, S.M. – Black River

Jance, Judith – Clawback

Johnson, Adam – Fortune Smiles

Kelly, Martha Hall – Lilac Girls

Kerr, Philip – The Other Side of Silence

King, Laurie – The Murder of Mary Russell

Kisor, Henry – Tracking the Beast

Kutsukake, Lynne – The Translation of Love

Lowell, Catherine – The Madwoman Upstairs

Macomber, Debbie – A Girl’s Guide to Moving On

Marinovick, Matt – The Winter Girl

McElwain, Julie – A Murder in Time

McGuire, Ian – The North Water

Meacham, Leila – Titans

Morgan, Robert – Chasing the North Star

Mosse, Kate – The Taxidermist’s Daughter

Myerson, Julie – The Stopped Heart

Novik, Naomi – Uprooted

O’Brien, Edna – The Little Red Chairs

O’Connor, Stephen – Thomas Jefferson Dreams of Sally Hemings

Oldham, Nick – Onslaught

Oyeyemi, Helen – What is Not Yours Is Not Yours

Parr, Delia – The Midwife’s Dilemma

Patterson, James – Private Paris

Prentiss, Molly – Tuesday Nights in 1980

Quick, Matthew – Cold Barrel Zero

Quindlen, Anna – Miller’s Valley

Roberts, Nora – The Obsession

Robotham, Michael – Close Your Eyes

Rowland, John – Calamity in Kent

Sahota, Sunjeel – The Year of the Runaways

Schwab, Victoria – A Gathering of Shadows

Scottoline, Lisa – Most Wanted

Shearer, Alex – This is the Life

Simon, Clea – When Bunnies Go Bad

Simonson, Helen – The Summer Before the War

Sittenfeld, Curtis – Eligible

Smith, Dominic – The Last Painting of Sara de Vos

Steel, Danielle – Property of a Noblewoman

Warner, Benjamin – Thirst

White, Roseanna – The Reluctant Duchess

Winspear, Jacqueline – Journey to Munich

Wood, Monica – The One-in-a-Million Boy

Woods, Janet – Foxing the Geese

Yapa, Sunil – Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist