PC Doctor April 29, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

I have had my computer a long time; maybe seven years.  I’ve been good about backing up important work-related stuff, but not photos.  I haven’t printed them either.  I’m nervous that, one day, my computer will fail and I’ll have lost everything from this near decade.  For now, until I get a new computer, is there a place I can upload all my pictures to for safekeeping?  A free place?




Dear Molly:

There are many free photo storage sites on the internet!  Most give you a certain amount of space for free and offer larger storage for a fee.  Here are the names of a few:  Dropbox, Flickr, Apple iCloud, Google Photos, Amazon Cloud Drive, Shutterfly, and Photobucket.  You could even upload them all to your Facebook or Google+ account as a back up.

Some of these services have editing and organizing features, and some do not.  Some make you look at ads while using their sites.  I recommend visiting these sites and looking at the services they provide (and their privacy policies) and see what suits you best.

Good luck!

And, happy computing!

     PC Doctor