New Children’s Materials May 3, 2016

Latest materials for children at the Athol Public Library!

The following new materials are available for check out from the Children’s Room at the Athol Public Library:



Awdry, Reverend W. - Edward’s Exploit and Other Thomas the Tank Engine Stories

Barton, Byron - My House

Cole, Henry - Spot the Cat

Cole, Tom - Wall

Davies, Benji - Grandad’s Island

Davies, Katie - Kindergarten Rocks

Eliopulos, Nick - DC Super Friends: Flying High

Dean, James - Pete the Cat: Robo Pete

Dean,  James - Pete the Cat: Scuba-Cat

Dolan, Hannah - Lego: Defend the Castle

Dubuc, Marianne  - Mr. Postmouse’s Rounds

Epstein, Brad - Goodnight, Red Sox

Falwell, Cathryn - Rainbow Stew

Francis, Lee - Kunu’s Basket

Gall, Chris - Dog vs. Cat

Jackson, Richard - Have a Look Says a Book

Katz, Karen - Baby Loves Spring

Maranville, Amy - Amal’s Eid

Napier, Matt - Little Hockey

O’Leary, Sara - This is Sadie

Schultz, Lucy - Poke-a-Dot: Old MacDonald’s Farm

Kugler, Tina - Snail and Worm

Tharp-Thee, Sandy - The Apple Tree

Schwarz, Viviane - How to Find Gold

Wick, Walter - I Spy: Funny Teeth

Wick, Walter - I Spy: Lightning in the Sky



Ambrose, Adrianne - Skullduggery Island

Banks, Angela - A Week Without Tuesday

Cole, Henry - Brambleheart

Morgan, Winter - Clash of the Creepers: An Unofficial Gamer's Adventure

Davidson, Danica - Escape From the Overworld: An Unofficial Gamer’s Quest

Morgan, Winter - Hidden in the Overworld: An Unofficial League of Griefers Adventure

Morgan, Winter - The Skeletons Strike Back: An Unofficial Gamer’s Guide

Morgan, Winter - Treasure Hunter’s in Trouble: An Unofficial Gamer’s Adventure

Shurtliff, Leisl - Rump – The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin

Snicket, Lemony - Why is This Night Different From All Other Nights?

Stine, R.L. - Goosebumps Most Wanted: Night of the Puppet People



Kubuishi, Kuzu - Explorer: The Mystery Box

Deutsch, Barry - Hereville: How Mirka Caught a Fish

Deutsch, Barry - Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword

Star Wars - Star Wars the Original Trilogy: A Graphic Novel

Riggs, Ransom - Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: A Graphic Novel

Stine, R.L. - Goosebumps: Sloppy’s Tales of Horror

Torres, J. - Bigfoot Boy: Into The Woods



Bechtel, Mark - Baseball Then to Wow!

Berenzweig, Sally - My Body is Special and Belongs to Me!

Beyer, Monica - Teach Your Baby Sign

Bugler, Beth - My First Book of Baseball

Butterworth, Chris - How Did That Get In My Lunch Box: The Story of Food

Cohen, Zachary - Slam Dunk: Top Ten Lists of Everything in Basketball

Cusick, Dawn - Get the Scoop on Poop

Cusick, Dawn - Get the Scoop on Puke

Dixon, Dougal - My Little Book of Dinosaurs

Fogliano, Julie - When Green Becomes Tomatoes

Glass, Andrew - Flying Cars: The True Story

Gramling, Tim - What are the Chances? The Wildest Plays in Sports

Gray, Leon - Fast and Cool Cars

Greek, Joe - Parkour

Hayword, Linda - A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

Herzog, Brad -  “G” is For Gold Medal: An Olympic Alphabet

Holmes, Margaret - A Terrible Thing Happened

Kelsey, Elin - Wild Ideas

Manzione, Lisa - Bella & Harry: Let’s Visit Beijing

Manzione, Lisa - Bella & Harry: Let’s Visit Berlin

Manzione, Lisa - Bella & Harry: Let’s Visit Rio de Janeiro

Martin, Ruth - My Amazing Body

Pallotta, Jerry - “F” is For Fenway: America’s Oldest Major League Ballpark

Pattison, Rosie - Just Joking 4

Pattison, Rosie - Just Joking 6

Powell, Robert - Peterson Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians

Rich, Steve - Mrs. Carter’s Butterfly Garden

Riggs, Kate - Zebras

Roth, Susan - Parrots Over Puerto Rico

Schlegel, Elfi - The Gymnastics Book

Scott, Katie - Animalium

Stewart, Mark - The Boston Bruins

Straus, Susan - Healing Days

Throp, Claire - Winter Sports: Figure Skating

Turnbull, Stephanie - Hippos

Whiting, Jim - The Story of the Boston Celtics