PC Doctor June 3, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

I signed up for iCloud as a way to have easy access to all my files.  The problem is, it has copied every single photo from every location on my computer.  Because images were stored in a variety of places on my hard drive, I have 3, sometimes 4, copies of the same picture.  I have begun deleting the extra ones, but it is a long process.  Is there a way for me to select and delete more than one image at a time?  I’m going a bit crazy.

Thank you,


Dear Len:

That does sound like a big job.  The good news is that there’s a way to make it at least a little bit easier.  First, sign in to your iCloud account.  Choose ‘Photos’ when you get to your home screen.  Choose ‘All Photos.’  Once they all have loaded, you should see an opaque bar across the top of your screen.  One of the choices in that bar is ‘Select Photos.’  Click it.  This will allow you to choose more than one photo at a time.  Click on a photo you would like to delete.  Once you do, you should see a blue checkmark at the bottom of the photo.  Keep clicking, choosing as many photos as you’d like to delete.  Once you’ve selected a photo, the opaque bar at the top of your screen will have turned blue.  In that bar, you will see the word ‘Delete,’ and a trash can icon.  Click to delete the selected photos.  You will get a dialog box confirming that you wish to delete the photos from all your devices.  Do this as many times as you wish, paring down your photo library.

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Happy Computing!

   PC Doctor