Get in the Game Read: Teen’s Wandoo Reader!

Teen Summer Reading Program at the APL for grades 6 - 12 starts June 15.

The reading program kicks off on June 15 and runs until August 12, 2016.

Each week there will be summer reading challenges. 

Week 1: Reading Challenge # 1 (June 15 - June 22) Read 100 pages of an age appropriate book.  The brochure below lists all of our summer reading challenges.

Ongoing challenge for the entire Summer Reading program duration:

  • Volunteering Challenge - 6/15/16 - 8/10/16 Volunteer at the APL for a 1/2 hour.  This challenge is required in order to qualify for the final weekly prize!  Be sure to sign up!  You can do this challenge early or at the end of the program on August 10.

Learn about Wandoo Reader!  Once you have read the instructions brochure click the link that brings you to the Wandoo Reader and have fun! You can find Wandoo Reader on the Athol Library Teen website starting June 15.  Athol Library Teen website Click the graphic of the rollerblading teen that says "Click Here To Log Into Wandoo Reader".  


Wandoo Reader Instructions Brochure