PC Doctor August 12, 2016

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 Dear PC Doctor:

My laptop can play DVDs and I think that when my television finally stops working, I won’t replace it.  I would like to watch blu-rays, though, some time.  Is it possible to connect a small blu-ray player to my computer?  I know the disc drive won’t play them directly. 

Thank you,


Dear Nan:

It would be great to be able to connect your blu-ray player to your laptop.  What you would need is an HDMI plug and to be sure that your laptop has an HDMI input port.  Most newer laptops have an HDMI port, which is very nice for connecting the computer to an LCD projector and showing what you have on your computer screen.  With the blu-ray player, you want the computer to show what the blu player is sending it.  So, you need input.

If you know what model computer you have, look up its specifications.  For example, if you have an HP Pavilion g7 or a macbook pro, you can look that up in any search engine or call your tech support if you’ve paid for that (ie apple care).  If your laptop doesn’t support HDMI input, you won’t be able to successfully connect the computer to the blu-ray player.

Some newer laptops come with a disc drive that can play blu-rays; you could go that route and just get a new computer.  It’s also possible to purchase an external blu-ray drive, the way we used to have external floppy drives.  The external blu-ray drives plug into a USB port.  Laptop USBs are meant to take input.  Before you buy anything, though, check all the specifications and capabilities of the equipment you have and the equipment you’re looking to buy, and make sure they’re intended to work together.

Until next time,

Happy computing!

     PC Doctor