PC Doctor September 23, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

I was using my computer and something went wrong and it told me I had the ‘Zeus virus’ and shouldn’t turn off my computer.  It said I should call this telephone number but I didn’t dare.  Is this real?  Is it a scam?  What should I do?




Dear Nan:

According to Snopes, Zeus is a real virus.  It operates as a ‘Trojan horse,’ staying dormant on your computer until you log into your bank account.  Then, it copies your account numbers and password and takes your money.

Zeus has come and gone several times over the past several years.  Computer users can get caught by the Zeus virus by clicking on messages from fraudulent Facebook accounts.  It also has been seen on other social media.  If you get a suspicious e-mail from Facebook, Microsoft, or IBM, etc., that doesn’t look right, save yourself some heartache and don’t click any links embedded in the message.

Current reports indicate that the Zeus virus works on Windows machines but has not affected any Apple operating systems.

You will want to scan your computer with a malware removal tool, such as MalwareBytes.  You may even want to take it to your local computer repair shop to ensure safety of your data and personal information.  I wish you luck!

Until next time,

Happy Computing!

    PC Doctor