PC Doctor November 4, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

We recently switched to gmail at work.  I’m getting used to it but there are a few things I haven’t figured out.  Sometimes, an e-mail conversation between co-workers continues to the point where it’s really about something else.  When that happens, I’d like to be able to change the subject line.  How do I do that?


Thank you,


Dear Kat:

Great question!

First, open the conversation thread.  Then, hit “Reply” to the message to which you’re responding.  You will see a left-facing arrow at the top of the reply message screen.  Click that for a pull-down menu.  “Edit subject” will be one of the choices in that pull-down menu.  Select “Edit choices.”  A new Compose window will open.  Write your message.  The previous messages from that conversation thread will be included when you send your new e-mail message.

I hope this helps!
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      PC Doctor