PC Doctor November 25, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

I’ve been on Facebook for a while, but it just doesn’t seem that fun.  Friends tell me about their interaction with grandkids, etc., but no one ever posts to my wall.  It feels like another place to be lonely.  My daughter says that no one is snubbing me – She says that I have things set so no one is allowed to post on my wall.  I don’t even know what that means!  Can you help?  I would like to be able to connect with relatives near and far.

Signed, Di


Dear Di:

It may be, in fact, that you have your privacy settings so tight that people you care about can’t share with you through facebook.  Here’s something you can do:  Sign into your account.  All the way on the upper right is a triangle pointing down.  Click that for a pull-down menu.  Choose “Settings.”  Then, on the far left, you’ll see another menu.  Choose “Timeline and Tagging.”  A box called “Timeline and Tagging Settings” should open up in the middle of your screen.  You will see several choices.  At the top is “Who can post on your timeline?”  Click the little pencil icon next to “Edit.  There should be two choices:  “Friends” or “Only Me.”  You may have it set so that you are the only person who can post to your timeline.  That means that friends can’t easily share links or write to say hello.  Think about what you want and choose accordingly.  Click “Close” to save your changes.  (If you choose “Friends” you may now find Facebook a more social place!)

Until next time,
Happy Computing.

     PC Doctor