PC Doctor December 16, 2016

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Dear PC Doctor:

I was using someone else’s computer and a box popped up saying that the computer had a “koobface” virus.  What is that?  Did I do something?  I can’t afford to pay for my friend’s computer to be fixed.




Dear Helaine:

Koobface is a virus that spreads mostly through social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.).  Koobface infects your computer by getting you to click on a video to watch.  Then, it says you need to update your flash player before you can see the video.  When you click to update the video player, you’re really installing koobface on the computer.  Koobface connects the computer to a server from which a stranger can control the computer, download more programs, or steal data.

The good news is that most anti-virus programs can clean koobface out of the computer.  Your friend probably has one installed already.  Make sure he or she runs it, soon!  Don’t call the number on the screen if a “help” line pop-up appears.  Don’t click anything on the koobface virus notification.  Just run your anti-virus program and follow those instructions only.  If you feel you and your friend can’t manage this, go to a local, reputable computer repair person.  Also, once your computer is back to normal, you and your friend should both change all of your passwords.

Until next time,
Happy Computing!

     PC Doctor