New Materials May 5, 2017

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MAY 5, 2017


Alexander, V.S. – The Magdalen Girls

Backman, Fredrik – Beartown

Batuman, Elif – The Idiot

Bell, Darcey – A Simple Favor

Box, C.J. – Vicious Circle

Boyce, Trudy Nan – Old Bones

Brett, Simon – Mrs. Pargeter’s Public Relations

Briggs, Patricia – Silence Fallen

Buntin, Julie – Marlena

Butler, Nickolas – The Hearts of Men

Caletti, Deb – What’s Become of Her

Callahan, Michael – The Night She Won Miss America

Camden, Elizabeth – To the Farthest Shores

Canty, Kevin – The Underworld

Carr, Robyn – Any Day Now

Clark, Mary Higgins – All by Myself, Alone

Cussler, Clive – The Cutthroat

Dahl, Julia – Conviction

Darnielle, John – Universal Harvester

Deaver, Jeffery – The Burial Hour

Doctorow, Cory – Walkaway

Drabble, Margaret – The Dark Flood Rises

Dymott, Elanor – Silver and Salt

El Akkad, Omar – American War

Fluke, Joanne – Banana Cream Pie Murder

Gladstone, Max – Bookburners

Golden, Christopher – Ararat

Golden, Marita – The Wide Circumference of Love

Goodkind, Terry – Death’s Mistress

Gray, Shelley Shepard – Her Secret

Greenwood, T. – The Golden Hour

Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet – Waking Lions

Hamid, Mohsin – Exit West

Heat Moon, William Least – Celestial Mechanics

Heley, Veronica – False Fire

Heller, Peter – Celine

Hepworth, Sally – The Mother’s Promise

Heuvelt, Thomas Olde – HEX

Hillerman, Anne – Song of the Lion

Howrey, Meg – The Wanderers

Hulin, Rachel – Hey Harry, Hey Matilda

Iles, Greg – Mississippi Blood

Jance, Judith – Man Overboard

Johansen, Iris – No Easy Target

Kellerman, Faye – Bone Box

Kidd, Jess – Himself

Kostova, Elizabeth – The Shadow Land

Lafferty, Mur – Six Wakes

Leon, Donna – Earthly Remains

Lipman, Elinor – On Turpentine Lane

MacKenzie, Jassy – Bad Seeds

Macomber, Debbie – If Not for You

Mbue, Imbolo – Behold the Dreamers

McAllister, Tom – The Young Widower’s Handbook

McVeigh, Jennifer – Leopard at the Door

Minato, Kanae – Penance

Morgan, C.E. – The Sport of Kings

Moriarty, Nicola – The Fifth Letter

Norman, Howard – My Darling Detective

O’Malley, Daniel – Stiletto

Oldham, Nick – Bad Blood

Palmer, Liza – The F Word

Parks, Brad – Say Nothing

Patterson, James – The Black Book

Patterson, James – Humans, Bow Down

Patterson, James – 16th Seduction

Perry, Anne – Murder on the Serpentine

Pritchett, Laura – The Blue Hour

Raverat, Anna – Lover

Rosenberg, Joel – Without Warning

Sandford, John – Golden Prey

Scottoline, Lisa – One Perfect Lie

See, Lisa – The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane

Shattuck, Jessica – The Women in the Castle

Steel, Danielle – Dangerous Games

Tinti, Hannah – The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley

Unger, Lisa – The Red Hunter

Watts, Stephanie Powell – No One is Coming to Save Us

Waxman, Abbi – The Garden of Small Beginnings

Whitaker, Kayla Rae – The Animators

White, Randy Wayne – Mangrove Lightning

Winspear, Jacqueline – In This Grave Hour