PC Doctor May 12, 2017

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Dear PC Doctor:

I want to forward a scan my doctor sent me to another doctor.  When I do this, though, the second doctor can see the whole string of emails between me and the first doctor.  I don’t want this.  How can I forward the scan to the new doctor without also forwarding the whole correspondence history?

Thank you,



Dear L:

There are at least two ways you can do this.  One option is to download the scan onto the hard drive of the computer you are using and then attach it to a fresh email message to the new doctor.  In your email program, when you look at the scan, there should be an option to either view the scan, open it in a new window, or download it.  Some email programs have these options in a written menu.  Some will have a picture of an arrow pointing down to download.  Download the scan.  Then, in your email program, compose a new message to the new doctor.  Somewhere on your composition screen you will see a symbol that looks like a paper clip.  Click that.  You will be asked to identify what file should be attached to this message.  Follow the prompts until you are pointed towards your downloads folder and select your scan from there.  Voila!

A second option would be to forward the entire message with attachments to the new doctor, but pause before sending.  Highlight and delete the text that you do not want sent to the new doctor.  To highlight, place your cursor at one end of the text, hold down your mouse button, and drag to the end of the text you want to select.  You will see it highlighted in blue.  Hit your delete key to remove that text.  Once you are sure the message includes only what you want the new doctor to see, hit send.

I hope this helps!
Until next time,
Happy Computing!

   PC Doctor