PC Doctor May 26, 2017

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Dear PC Doctor:

I made the mistake of using the wifi in a restaurant last summer.  In order to access the wifi, I had to give them my email address.  Now, I get emails from them a few times a week.  I don’t live near this restaurant, and I will never go there again.  I do not want to receive these messages.  I have told them I don’t want these messages, and I blacklisted the address.  (I’m using Horde webmail.)  Why didn’t blacklisting work?





Dear Annoyed:

The blacklist is a list of email addresses known to send email that you do not wish to see in your inbox.  When you blacklist an email address, you can choose to have it deleted automatically or sent to a folder for you to review later. 

If you have blacklisted the restaurant’s email address, you shouldn’t be receiving any more messages from them.  Since you still are, it may be that they have several accounts and are sending messages to you from a different one each time. 

If the messages persist, you may want to contact your email service provider to report them, or contact the restaurant’s corporate headquarters to request that they permanently remove you from their mailing list.


I wish you luck!

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