New Children’s Materials June 7, 2017

Latest materials for children at the Athol Public Library!

The following new materials are available for check out from the Children’s Room at the Athol Public Library:


Bostram, Kathleen - Hooray It’s Easter Day

Maclear, Kyo - Spork

Milgrim, David - Swing, Otto, Swing!

Payne, Lauren - We Can Get Along



Berne, Emma - A Mystery Featuring Melody: The Lady’s Slipper

Benjamin, Ali - The Thing About Jellyfish

Cooper, Susan - The Dark is Rising Sequence: Green Witch

Cooper, Susan - The Dark is Rising Sequence: The Grey King

Dilloway, Margaret - Momotaro Xander and the Lost Island of Monsters

Ernst, Kathleen - My Journey with Felicity: Gun Powder and Tea Cakes

George, Jessica - Dragon Slippers

Gibbs, Stuart - Big Game

Gibbs, Stuart - Panda-monium

Hart, Alison - A Mystery Featuring Maryellen: The Runaway

Kraatz, Jeramey - The Cloak Society

Kraatz, Jeramey - The Cloak Society: Villians Rising

Lindgren, Astrid - Pippi Longstocking

Lindgren, Astrid - Pippi Goes On Board

Lindgren, Astrid - Pippi in the South Seas

Lowry, Lois - Gooney Bird Greene

Lowry, Lois - Gooney Bird and the Room Mother

Pastis, Stephan - Timmy Failure: The Cat Stole My Pants

Reiss, Kathryn - A Mystery Featuring Julie: Message in a Bottle

Rissi, Anica - Anna, Banana, and the Little Lost Kitten

Scaletta, Kurtis - Rooting for Rafael Rosales

Smith, Alex - Claude in the City

Sternberg, Julie - Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie

Tripp, Valerie - Felicity: Love and Loyalty

Tripp, Valerie - Felicity: A Stand for Independence

Tripp, Valerie - Wellie Wishers: Camille’s Mermaid

Tripp, Valerie - Wellie Wishers: The Mystery of Mr. E

Tripp, Valerie - Wellie Wishers: The Rainstorm Brainstorm

Young, Jessica - Haggis and Tank Unleashed: Howl at the Moon



Roberts, Cokie - Founding Mothers: Remembering The Ladies

Squire, Ann - Lyme Disease



Alvarez, Lorena - Nightlights

Anderson, Laura - Evil Emperor Penguin

Disney - Beauty and the Beast: Cinestory Comic

Disney - Tangled: Before Ever After: Cinestory Comic

Doerrfeld, Cori - Cici: A Fairy’s Tale: A Perfect View

Ferrier, Florian - Hotel Strange: Wake Up, Spring

Ferrier, Florian - Hotel Strange: On the Sapphire’s Trail

Ferrier, Florian - Hotel Strange: His Royal Majesty of the Mushrooms

Ferrier, Florian - Hotel Strange: The Ghosts in the Clouds

Fisch, Sholly - Scooby-Doo! Team-Up

Hale, Nathan - Alamo All Star

Hale, Nathan - Donner Dinner Party

Hale, Nathan - The Underground Abductor: An Abolitionist Tale

Hicks, Faith - The Stone Heart

Koch, Falynn - Bats: Learning to Fly

Latta, Sara - Smash! Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe With the Large Hadron Collider

Shakespeare, William - Graphic Shakespeare

Varon, Sara - Robot Dreams

Verne, Jules - Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Wilgus, Alison - Flying Machines: How the Wright Brothers Soared



Campbell, Don - The Mozart Effect: Music for Babies



Billingsley, Franny - The Folk Keeper

Steig, William - Dominic

Webb, Holly - Return to Secret Garden



Logo DC Comics Super Heroes Justice League: Cosmic Clash

My Little Pony: Friendship Magic



Justin and the Knights of Valor