PC Doctor June 16, 2017

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Dear PC Doctor:

Would you or the library consider running a course on the iPhone? I have had my iPhone for about two years and every six months or so I learn something new about it. But I know there are dozens (hundreds?) of things to learn. 





Dear Kay:

The library doesn’t currently have plans to teach a course on iPhones, but here’s a great way that you can learn tips and tricks from an expert source:  your phone itself! 

Turn on your phone.  Look for the app that has a on old-fashioned light bulb as its icon.  The background is yellow and the word “Tips” is underneath the picture.  Tap the light bulb.  That will take you to 29 useful tips for getting the most out of your iPhone. 

If you want even more helpful hints, look to the top of the Tips screen.  On the left is the word “Collections.”  Tap that, and you will be taken to a whole page of topics and tips for using your phone.  These get updated by Apple whenever a new feature becomes available on your phone, so it really is the most authoritative place to look for tips and tricks for using your iPhone.

I hope this helps!
Until next time,
Happy Computing!

    PC Doctor