PC Doctor July 7, 2017

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Dear PC Doctor:

I have to give a presentation far away.  For complicated reasons, I won’t have my own computer with me.  I’ll be bringing my power point presentation with me on a flash drive but occasionally I’ve had trouble with the computer at the presentation site not having the right version of power point.  I can give my talk without slides, but I think it goes better when the audience can see the visuals.  What can I do to calm my nerves and make sure I’ll be able to show my complete presentation?

Signed, Marley


Dear Marley:

Can you borrow a computer to take with you, one on which you can test your presentation before you leave home?  If not, a second option would be to contact the presentation site and make sure that your flash drive and presentation are compatible with their software and equipment.  A third option, if you have a Google account, would be to save it to your Google drive as a Google Slides presentation.  Google Slides is very much like Micrsoft’s Power Point or Apple’s Keynote.

Here’s how to upload your Power Point document to Google Drive:

Log in to your Google Drive account.  Go to “My Drive” and then click “Upload Files” from the pull-down menu.  In the next window, select the file you want to upload.  You will then be asked whether you want to convert the file you are uploading. Once it is uploaded, you should be able to access and use it from any internet connected computer.  You will also be able to edit it.

Until next time,
Happy Computing!

    PC Doctor