PC Doctor September 28, 2020

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Dear PC Doctor:

I’m starting a new home business and I want it to show up in Google search and on Google maps. How do I do that?



Dear Gennie:

You will want to create a free business profile at https://www.google.com/business/. Click the blue button that says Manage Now. On the next screen, type your business name in the search box and see if a listing shows up. Chances are, it won’t as you said it’s a brand-new business. If that’s the case, click Add your business to Google. You will be guided to a series of screens that prompt you to enter information about your business, such as the name, location, telephone number, product type and services provided. Once you have entered your information, Google will send you a verification code. When you have received your verification code, sign back in to your Google business profile and enter the code. Voila!

I hope this helps.
Until next time,
Happy Computing!
PC Doctor

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