PC Doctor July 28, 2017

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Dear PC Doctor:

I use Pinterest and something weird happened.  I posted some photos of a person cooking and I think Pinterest could tell what the ingredients were and started showing me recipes.  Can this happen?  Am I imagining it?




Dear Ken:

You are probably not imagining it!

Recently, Pinterest launched a feature that can identify elements in an image and use them as a starting point for a search.  It’s called Lens.  I went to the Pinterest help site (help.pinterest.com) to learn more.

Lens shows up as a camera icon in the Pinterest app on your mobile device.  Point Lens at an object, then tap to discover related ideas. If you point it at an ingredient, Pinterest will show you recipes.  If you point it at shoes, it will show you shoes in a similar style or outfits to wear with them.  You can link Lens to all of the pictures on your mobile device – or not - it’s your choice.

Until next time,
Happy computing!

   PC Doctor