New Materials August 4, 2017

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AUGUST 4, 2017


Bassingthwaight, Ian – Live from Cairo

Beattie, Ann – The Accomplished Guest

Boylan, Jennifer – Long Black Veil

Brown, Janelle – Watch Me Disappear

Chamberlin, Holly – Home for the Summer

Chase, Eve – The Wilding Sisters

Dacey, Patrick – The Outer Cape

Duffy, Lisa – The Salt House

Finder, Joseph – The Switch

Garwood, Julie – Wired

Gregory, Daryl – Spoonbenders

Groen, Henrik – The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen

Harper, Jordan – She Rides Shotgun

Healy, Sarah – The Sisters Chase

Hosking, Jay – Three Years with the Rat

Jenkins, Beverly – Chasing Down a Dream

Lee, J.M. – The Boy Who Escaped Paradise

Loehfelm, Bill – Let the Devil Out

Mallery, Susan – Secrets of the Tulip Sisters

Monninger, J.P. – The Map That Leads to You

Monroe, Mary Alice – Beach House for Rent

Peters, Elizabeth – The Painted Queen

Quick, Matthew – The Reason You’re Alive

Reilly, Matthew – The Four Legendary Kingdoms

Rieger, Susan – The Heirs

Shaara, Jeff – The Frozen Hours

Spufford, Francis – Golden Hill

Ware, Ruth – The Lying Game

Woods, Janet – Whispers in the Wind



Batacan, F.H. – Smaller and Smaller Circles

French, Nicci – Dark Saturday

Horowitz, Anthony – Magpie Murders

McCall Smith, Alexander – A Distant View of Everything

Pronzini, Bill – Endgame

Walker, Martin – The Templar’s Secret



Daniels, B.J. – Lone Rider

Daniels, B.J. – Lucky Shot

Daniels, B.J. – Wild Horses

Quinn, Julia – It’s In His Kiss



Alda, Alan – If I Understood You, Would I Have This Look on My Face?

Barnden, Betty – 350+ Knitting Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets

Bauerschmidt, Tim – Driving Miss Norma:  One Family's Journey Saying "Yes" to Living

Bowden, Mark – Hue 1968:  A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam

Civitello, Linda – Baking Powder Wars

Cohn, Jay – Cardiovascular Health

Desberg, Peter – Now That’s Funny!:  The Art and Science of Writing Comedy

Eaton, Jan – 350+ Crochet Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets

Erickson-Schroth, Laura – “You’re in the Wrong Bathroom!”

Ewing, Jack – Faster, Higher, Farther

Fisher, David – Bill O’Reilly’s Legends and Lies:  The Civil War

Franken, Al – Al Franken, Giant of the Senate

Holman, Gaye – Decades Behind Bars

Klimburg, Alexander – The Darkening Web

Larson, Eric – Enlightened Aging

Lineberry, Cate – Be Free or Die

MacLean, Nancy – Democracy in Chains

Mahaffey, James – Atomic Adventures

McKeon, Kathy – Jackie’s Girl:  My Life with the Kennedy Family 

Montgomery, David R. – Growing a Revolution:  Bringing Our Soil Back to Life

Oliphant, Tom – The Road to Camelot:  Inside JFK's Five - Year Campaign

Pfordresher, John – The Secret History of Jane Eyre

Poundstone, Paula – The Totally Unscientific Study of the Search for Human Happiness

Rice, Condoleezza – Democracy

Riggs, Nina – The Bright Hour:  A Memoir of Living and Dying

Ruhlman, Michael – Grocery

Saunders, Gerda – Memory’s Last Breath

Scottoline, Lisa – I Need a Lifeguard Everywhere But the Pool

St Germain, Jim – A Stone of Hope

Stanton, Cathy – A Quabbin Farm Album

Velasquez, Lizzie – Dare to Be Kind

Verzemnieks, Inara – Among the Living and the Dead



Alexie, Sherman – You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

Noah, Trevor – Born a Crime



Beauty and the Beast

Fate of the Furious

Free Fire

Ghost in the Shell