PC Doctor September 8, 2017

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Dear PC Doctor:

My 80 year old grandmother just got her first smart phone and we’ve been having fun as I help her get used to using it.  She loves Snapchat!  The problem is that my Snapchat user name is really rude.  (It has swears in it.)  I want my Gram to be able to use it with me; can I change my user name?  Is there a way to connect with her on Snapchat without her seeing my user name?




Dear Oops:

The Snapchat support website says you can’t change your user name.  You can, however, delete your account and open a new one with a grandma-safe user name.  You also can change the way your name looks to new friends who add you.  Presumably, after you make this change, Grandma will only see the new name.  Here are the steps: 

  1. Tap the picture of the gear in the upper right corner of the Profile page.
  2. Select 'name' under the 'My Account' section.
  3. Enter the name you want people to see and select 'Save'.


  1. Tap the name under your Snapcode on the Profile screen.
  2. Enter your chosen name.
  3. Select 'Save'.

I hope that helps!
Until next time,
Happy Computing!