PC Doctor November 23, 2020

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Dear PC Dr:

I use a lot of different social media apps. On some, it’s really easy to find friends because people tend to use their real names on their accounts. On Instagram, it looks like people are using fun and descriptive account names and it’s really hard to tell who’s who and if I know them. Is there an easy, functional way to see if people I know are on Instagram?



Dear Arnold:

One way is to look for your Facebook friends. Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company and they have instructions for doing this:

Log into your Instagram account. Click on your profile picture on the bottom of your screen. Then, tap on the three lines in the top right corner to go to Settings. Now tap on Discover People and tap Follow to see what your Facebook friends are up to.

You could also Follow and Invite Friends. When you’re in your Instagram account, click the 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner. Tap Settings. Tap Follow and Invite Friends. You’ll have four choices, including how to invite friends by a variety of contact methods and by connecting to your Facebook friends.

Once you follow a few accounts on Instagram, you can look and see who those folks are following and who they are followed by. Chances are you know some of those people, too.

Another easy way to connect with friends is to tell them the name of your Instagram account and ask them to follow you!

Until next time,
Happy computing!
PC Doctor

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