PC Doctor March 1, 2021

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Dear PC Doctor:

Sometimes, when I sign up for a new service online, the website will ask if I want to sign in with log in info that I already have, like my Facebook or Google user name and password. I like the idea – It’s easy, and I won’t have to remember new credentials. Is there any reason not to?



Dear EZ:

It definitely is easier to use the user names and passwords you already know – as long as you are aware of what Facebook or Google will get when you “log in with” one of them. (By the way, you can do this now with your Apple account, too.)

The new service will often get access to your Facebook or Google account. They won’t be able to impersonate you or post as you or anything like that - The new service/site will be able to see parts of your contact list and profile, your data, your online search habits. The more you link accounts, the more rounded a picture of you is available. This will influence what ads you see and what results are returned when you conduct an internet search.

From a safety point of view, those big companies put a lot of effort into their security features. It’s really up to you what you feel comfortable with and how many user name and password combinations you can keep track of.

I hope this helps!
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