PC Doctor April 26, 2021

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Dear PC Doctor:

I’m sending out video files on flash drives to my customers – I have several different videos, and I want to label the flash drives so people know which is which. I have bad handwriting – I want to print in a nice font on tiny labels. How do I set that up?



Dear Scribbler:

First, start with the brand and size labels you are going to use. For example, I just did a search for small labels. Several of the big companies make a half inch x three-quarter inch label. Most manufacturers will have the downloadable printing template right on the product page. You can click to download that template. If you don’t see a template right away, you can do a search for print template and the product number. When you open the downloaded file, it should automatically open in the appropriate program (Word or Pages, etc.). As you start typing your video titles, you will see the information formatted to fit the label shape.

I hope this helps!
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