PC Doctor May 4, 2021

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Dear PC Doctor:

Something is happening to my phone. When I open an app that I want to use, it opens, then closes immediately and I can’t use it. The ones it’s been happening with are Seek and Night Sky. It’s really a pain because, when I’m outside looking at plants or the stars, it’s so fun to use those ID tools. Is my phone bad? Can I get these apps to work again?


Dear Crash:

If it’s just a few apps that are misbehaving, it may be that the app has an update that you haven’t installed on your phone yet. Try running the updates first. For Android phones you would look for updates in the Play Store, and for iPhones you’d look in the App Store. If the glitches continue after the apps are updated, try powering down your phone completely, waiting about 15 seconds, and then turning it back on again. It’s also worth going into your general settings and looking for a software update for your phone.

If none of this helps, you could try an internet search for known issues with the app in question. This may point you towards more troubleshooting tips or help you figure out if you have a bigger issue with your phone.

I hope this helps!

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PC Doctor

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