Read and Win!

Earn hourly prizes as you log your reading

There are even more ways to win during this year's Teen Summer Reading program.

As you log your reading and reach milestones, you'll earn bigger and bigger prizes. Building up from a piece of candy for one hour of reading - to a gift card for reaching over one hundred hours of reading! Plus as you read, write reviews, and complete activities you'll earn tickets towards our grand prize raffles!

Don't wait - head to to sign up and get started!
Read 1 Hour - Piece of Candy
Read 5 Hours - Pick from the Prize Bowl
(Stickers, Slime, Pins, Lanyards, and more!)
Read 15 Hours - Full Sized Candy Bar
Read 25 Hours - Prize Book
Read 35 Hours - Pick from the Prize Bowl
Read 50 Hours - Cloth Book Bag
Read 100+ Hours - Gift Card!

The Teen Summer Reading program is open to teens entering grades 6 - 12.