PC Doctor October 13, 2021

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Dear PC Doctor:

I am creating a label for something I want to sell on Etsy. I’m using a really nice gold color for the text and I would like to have a thin black outline. How do I do that? The only thing I can find is something that places an outline around the text box. I just want the letters themselves outlined. I’m using Pages for the latest mac OS.



Dear Edward:

To add an outline to your text in Pages, first select the text you want to change. In the Format sidebar, click the Style button near the top. If the text is in a text box, table, or shape, first click the Text tab at the top of the sidebar, then click the Style button.

In the Font section, click the Advanced Options button (looks like a gear), then select the Outline checkbox.

If you add an outline, use the controls to change its line type, color, and width.

I hope this helps!
Until next time,
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