PC Doctor November 18, 2021

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Dear PC Doctor:

I have a Windows laptop and typically do my writing there, in Word. But I also have an iPad and would like to be able to write and print documents from it. How could I do that?



Dear Wondering:

Your iPad should have an app called Notes, which is like Notepad on your Windows computer. You can type there, but it does not have all of the features of a robust word processor. For that, you’ll want Pages. Depending on the amount of storage on your model iPad, Pages (and Numbers, Keynote, Garage Band, and iMovie) may already be installed on your iPad. If you don’t see them, visit the App Store – If your iPad purchase was within the last few years, you’ll be able to download them for free.

As for printing, any model iPad ought to be able to send a document to a wireless-enabled printer.

I hope this helps!

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PC Doctor

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