PC Doctor December 1, 2021

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Dear PC Doctor:

I recently learned about the “rule of thirds” in photography, and I want to be able to see the grid in the camera app on my smartphone. How do I do that?



Dear Shutterbug:

For those who may be interested, the rule of thirds has to do with composition - where to position the important parts of your scene to get the most satisfying photograph. Most smartphones allow you to turn on an overlay that shows your camera screen divided into a 3x3 grid. The rule of thirds suggests that placing your subject at the intersection of two of the lines that make the grid will give you a better photograph. (There’s more to it than that – You can learn the finer points in many art and photography books and on the internet.)

Here’s how to set up your camera so that the grid is visible to you when you’re taking a picture:

On an iPhone: Open Settings. Select Photos & Camera. Select Grid and turn it on. Open the Camera app and you’ll see the grid.

If you have a Samsung, tap on Camera from the home screen, then Settings. Next, tap the Grid lines switch to activate it. When you navigate back to your camera, you’ll see the grid lines.

For other smartphone models, a search for “turn on camera app grid” should give you instructions.

I hope this helps!

Until next time,

Happy computing!

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