PC Doctor November 17, 2017

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Dear PC Doctor:

I use Windows Live Hotmail. The day, date, and time are wrong. I went into my computer’s control panel and made sure the date and time are right there – It doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem in my email. What should I do?

Thank you,

On Time

Dear On Time:

I went to the Hotmail help site (support.office.com) to see what to do:

First, log into your account. Click the Options link. Then, click the More Options item. On the resulting page, under Managing your account, click Account details (password, aliases, time zone). On the Country/region line, click Change. Using the Time zone selector, select your correct time zone. Make sure that it's set correctly to ensure that Windows Live Hotmail places the correct time on your outgoing mails. Click Save.

This will change the time zone association with your Windows Live account. In addition to Hotmail, all Windows Live online services that make use of time zone information will be updated.

I hope this helps!
Until next time,
Happy Computing!

PC Doctor