Vote Today for January Booked For Lunch Title

The Booked for Lunch theme for January is "Strong Female Protagonist."

What makes a character strong and how do we analyze what strong characters actually are?

The blog Helping Writers Become Authors says, "A strong female character is one who is a catalyst. She’s someone who causes things to happen in the plot. She’s not a passive object. A strong character—female or male—is one with realistic strengths and flaws who acts as an integral catalyst that moves the plot."

There’s the Bechdel Test that says that, in order for a story to qualify as having strong female characters, it has to feature a plot that allows at least two women to have a conversation about something other than a man.

However you define a strong female protagonist, the four novels we're choosing from offer very different stories with very different female leads, and all have the potential for some interesting conversation.

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