PC Doctor January 13, 2022

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Dear PC Doctor:

At work, when we call tech support, they give us a special code that enables them to remote in and control my computer so they can fix whatever’s going on. At home, I call my daughter who lives in another city, and she tries to talk me through it. We get a little cranky with each other because she makes it sound so easy but it’s not! Isn’t here some way she can remote in just like they do at work? I have a macbook laptop.


Dear Momma:

Yes, actually! The Messages app on your computer allows for this. Open Messages and start a chat between the two of you. Click the little i to open the details panel. You’ll see her name and photo and, beneath that, some options. Choose Invite to Share My Screen. One or both of you will have to click Accept. An audio call will start so that you can talk, and she’ll be able to control your computer. When you’re all done, choose End Sharing.

I hope this helps!
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Happy computing!
PC Doctor

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