Vote Now for the March Booked for Lunch Title

March’s theme is "Book to Movie/TV Series Adaptations"

Have you noticed how many of the movies and TV series we are watching these days are based on books? While it's always been a thing, the recently popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu,and Prime seem to be getting ideas for most of their programming from books.

This month we are going to take a look at this modern trend in film and television. No matter which book we choose, it's sure to prove an interesting discussion. Which is better - the book or the movie? Do you read the book first or watch the movie? How does storytelling differ between the written word and film? How much do the actors who portray the characters really matter? How do they choose what to leave out and what to keep? Should the author be involved in the film production? These are just a few of the questions we'll tackle when we gather together in March.

But first, we need to pick a book! If you are curious to see just how many books are getting their chance on the big (and little) screen, Google "book to movie adaptations" and you'll be rewarded with pages of results with titles like "Best 100 Book to Movie Adaptations" and "16 Book to Movie Adaptations You Don't Want to Miss". The books presented for you here today are recent adaptations, all of them making their screen debut in 2021.

The survey contains 4 titles and, along with links to the book descriptions, you'll find links to each of the official movie trailers. Click below and cast your vote today!

If you haven't picked up your copy of The Library of Lost and Found, there's still time! Copies are available at the adult circulation desk. Stop by, grab yours today, and join us on Monday, February 28 at noon either in person at the library or online via Zoom. Registration is encouraged - and super easy using our new calendar - just click on the link below!